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Hamburg Business Centre
Schleswig-Holstein Business
Centre (WTSH)
Investment in Schleswig-
Holstein (WTSH)
BSCI Representative Office in India
Social Compliance and BSCI
IGEP - Certification
of Natural Stones
German-Indian Round Table (GIRT)
Mica and Stone Project
Rugmark Foundation India
The Little Keb-School
Support is offered to companies from India, Germany and the European Union.

For more than two decades IGEP has been one of the key players in facilitating trade between Germany and India.

IGEPs integrated approach is customized for small and medium sized companies

Information about the current market conditions and the resulting requirements
Technical commendations and advice for:
Product development
Quality standards und monitoring
Adaption of social- and ecological rules and regulations
Selection and collection of products for display in specialized trade fairs as well as  assistance in pre-fair preparations and other activities during and after the fair
Provision of information material and manuals
Assistance for diversification and promotion of export products
Up to date information about framework for export facilitation
Facilitation of technology transfer and long term collaborations with business partners
CER through Social Audits
Auditing of Indian Companies following the common rules of the “social and ecological compliance”
Accompanying entrepreneurs during their exploratory visits to Germany organising meetings, initiating and supporting negotiations
Assistance in contacts with financial and other related institutions like DEG, KFW, ICICI, IFCI, NSIC etc.
Giving necessary information and advice about rules and regulation, locations for joint ventures, social and environmental regulations etc.

If you need assistance concerning a topic which is not on our list, please do not hesitate to ask us. We would be pleased to help you and widen the scope of our work.

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